The company participated in the National Standards "Light aggregate concrete small hollow block", "Light aggregate and its test method Part 1: Light aggregate", "Light aggregate and its test method Part 2: Light aggregate test method", "Residential buildings energy-saving design standard", The work of compiling and revising national, local and industrial standards, such as the National Recommended Standard "Method for Energy Saving and Debugging of Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems". In addition, the "Field Test Standard for Energy Conservation Engineering in Civil Buildings", "Technical Regulations for the Construction of Extracorporeal Insulation Construction of Thin Smeared Exterior Wastework of Thermal Plate", "Technical Requirements for Extracorporeal Exterior Insulation Mortar", "Technical Procedures for the Construction of Exogenous Spasted-Spac Spac Construction", and "Application Technology for Mixed Sand Concrete" "Regulations", "Technical Regulations for the Application of Mixed Sand Concrete", "Technical Regulations for the Application of Coating on the Interior and Outer Wall of the Building", "Polystyrene Foam Plate for Outer Wall insulation for Construction", "Procedure for the Design of Outer Wall Coking", "Construction and Acceptance of Outer Wall Coating Works", A total of 12 local standards edited by our company have been reported to the Science and Technology Department of the Construction Department of the Liaoning Provincial Construction Department to fill the gaps in professional and technical specifications in the Liaoning region.

  • Light aggregate concrete hollow block
  • Light aggregates and their test methods-Part 1: Light aggregates
  • Light aggregate and its test methods-Part 2: Test methods for light aggregate
  • Design standards for energy conservation in residential buildings