The company has now obtained the CNAS National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate; We have obtained three certification certificates of quality management system, environment management system and occupational health and safety management system. Pass the qualification appraisal of Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and obtain the certificate; Obtained all 10 qualification certificates issued by the Ministry of Construction of Liaoning Province; Obtain qualification certificate of quality inspection of water Conservancy project issued by Liaoning Provincial Department of Water Resources; Obtain qualification certificate for detection of lightning protection devices; Through the Liaoning Provincial Department of Environmental Protection Social Environmental Monitoring Agency for the record; Selected in the 2018 Railway Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Organization List; Through the Liaoning Provincial Civil Defense Office Civil Defense Engineering Protection Equipment Inspection Agency for the record; Obtained the rank certificate of highway water transport engineering testing and testing institution issued by the Engineering Quality Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.