The company now owns 8 utility model patents, Including: Vica softening temperature tester, hollow glass dew point tester, drop hammer grab mechanism, building materials anti-freeze tester, plastic smoke density tester, fabric surface flame spread performance tester, Halic acid gas release measurement device, electric connecting device fire test device. 7 software copyrights, Including: technical service software platform, inspection quality control management system software, laboratory inspection information management system, quality inspection automatic generation management system, Northern testing and testing technology research and development internal process management system, Northern testing and testing service contract review process management system, Northern testing and commissioning inspection Automatic distribution tracking query system software. In addition, the general manager of the company, Sunchuandong, also participated in the research and development of a utility model patent for a "temperature stress detection device for external insulation system" declared by Shenyang University of Architecture.

  • Fabric surface flame spread performance tester
  • Plastic smoke density tester
  • Haloxic acid gas release determination device
  • Electric connecting device fire-proof test device
  • Building materials anti-freeze testing machine
  • Drop hammer mechanism for impact testing machine