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North CMA Technology Co. Ltd. officially launched the civil defense engineering testing work


On the 14th, the official website of the People's Air Defense Office of Liaoning Province issued an announcement announcing the results of the filing of the civil defense engineering protection equipment testing agency applied by the Northern Union Science and Technology Co., Ltd.. After examination, the northern measurement alliance technology Co., Ltd. meets the requirements for filing, may carry out civil defense engineering testing work in the province.



Civil air defense works, also known as civil defense fortifications, refer to underground protective buildings built separately to protect wartime personnel and materials from shelter, civil air defense command, and medical aid, as well as wartime basements that can be used for air defense in combination with ground buildings. The civil defense project is an important facility for preventing sudden attacks by the enemy, effectively sheltering personnel and supplies, and preserving the potential of war.
In order to improve the construction level of new construction, expansion and reconstruction of various types of civil defense projects and ensure the quality of the projects, it is necessary to do a good job of detecting civil defense projects, eliminating hidden dangers, comprehensively improving the overall protection capabilities of civil defense projects, and ensuring the safety of people's personal property.
In the work of inspection and inspection services and consultation, Northern Science and Technology Co. Ltd. provides legal and effective technical guarantee for the effective implementation of the industry supervision system, and provides you with accurate, fair and impartial one-stop inspection and testing technology services.

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